Beating a Dead Horse- Why Elmer Loves Jack

Dear Jack,

I have read with great enthusiasm your exchange with the blogrolling nazi. How do you tolerate such nonsense and why do you give them attention?



Dear Jimmy,

The Blogrolling Nazi, which we can call BN (should be thankful that their initials are not BM) is a poor misguided soul. I am here to help pull them up by their bootstraps, underpants, bra, jockstrap or any other convenient hand hold.

I believe in helping the less fortunate and old BN, well they are less fortunate. They make me think of the line from Good Morning Vietnam which I will paraphrase now.

“You are a white man in dire need of a blow job.”

Now as I mentioned, I am interested in helping the BN, but the comment above should not be taken as solicitation for help on his behalf. Neither am I interviewing potential candidates for said position. Wink, wink, Nod, Nod.

Dear Jack,

What do the Tsumnami and Prince Harry have in common?


A student of random thoughts

Dear Student,

Allow me to begin your instruction. When telling a joke it is critical to include the punch line.



P.S. If I had to guess I would say that both are destructive forces of nature that have little regard for their actions and the consequences. Not funny, but it is a random thought.

Dear Jack,

Can you post more pictures of your family? I am interested in learning more about you.


A fan

Dear A Fan,

Here you go:

P.S. This picture will disappear very shortly. If you are reading this after the the expiration then please note that you have missed out on seeing a fine picture of my family.

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  1. Stacey January 18, 2005 at 9:30 pm

    Just as I imagined.

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