Al Qaeda Texts to Be Published in U.S. Book

“NEW YORK (Reuters) – The original thoughts of Osama bin Laden (newsweb sites) and other al Qaeda leaders will be made available in English next year in a book, “The Al Qaeda Reader,” whose publisher says is intended to educate the American people.

The book, which has been criticized by some who suffered in al Qaeda attacks, offers a history of the radical Muslim group, with interviews with bin Laden and his associates and a tract on Islamic struggle by his right-hand man Ayman al-Zawahri.

A spokeswoman for publisher Doubleday said it was important for Americans to understand the mind of their enemy. “This gives a direct perspective on their philosophy,” Suzanne Herz said on Thursday.”

I believe in the “Marketplace of Ideas” as voiced by Oliver Wendell Holmes, but this something that requires some thought and consideration. It is not something that should be banned solely because of the content, but neither should it be just accepted.

Ok, could I straddle the fence any harder.

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