More on Relationships

The other day I wrote a post about relationships in which I said the following:

“So as I watched and learned and considered everything I decided that there must be at least 100 people in the world that I could be in love with.”

Today as I surveyed the blogosphere I came across this post where I read the following:

“Senior year my psychology teacher said that 1 in 96 men are right for you.”

Needless to say this made me wonder if I read or heard this at some point in time. I had thought that it was an original thought, or at least I am still relatively certain of that. But now I wonder if someone else is getting the credit for it. Which really takes me back to the post in which I said Why Didn’t I think of That which really proves to me that I was right when I said

I Repeat Myself-Or Welcome to the Department of Redundancy Department.

I guess that I should get back to work or find a new hobby.

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