Indecency Fines

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Fines of up to $500,000 per violation for indecent material aired on broadcast television and radio were unveiled by a top U.S. House of Representatives lawmaker on Tuesday, renewing a campaign to clean up broadcasting that failed last year.

Lawmakers and Federal Communications Commission (newsweb sites) officials, both Democrats and Republicans, have been seeking the higher fines as a way to deter broadcasters after a rash of incidents, including nudity and profanity on television.

Rep. Fred Upton (news, bio, voting record), chairman of the House Commerce subcommittee that has jurisdiction over the issue, unveiled on Tuesday a bill to raise fines on broadcasters and entertainers to as much as $500,000 per violation.

It would also require the FCC (newsweb sites) to consider revoking a station’s license after three violations.

Meanwhile, Sen. Sam Brownback (news, bio, voting record), a Kansas Republican, plans to introduce a measure on Wednesday to boost fines to as much as $325,000 per violation and a $3 million maximum for continuing violations, according to spokesman Aaron Groote.”

I am always reassured by our government. We are at war, fighting terrorists, bad guys and the assholes who show naked breasts, blow jobs, anal sex, hard core fucking, gang bangs and those nasty schmucks who have the temerity to say shit, piss, cock, fuck, blah, blah, blah. My apologies to George Carlin.

And to anyone who I may have offended I offer this suggestion. Change the channel, turn off the radio/television, tune out. Be an adult. Why not worry about improving the education of our children. How about working on providing more affordable healthcare for the nation or engage in some other activity that is not such a clear example of mental masturbation.

This type of legislation is just offensive. Instead of teaching responsibility, instead of teaching accountability we legislate morality. Fight the taliban outside of the US while our inner Taliban sets up shop.

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