Slifkin Ban

Inquiring minds want to know why I haven’t blogged about Slifkin. I could recite the tale of my time at the crater in Israel in which I made waves with the Charedi children about how old the Earth really is.

The real answer is that plenty of others have remarked about this. I think there is room for science and faith and there are options for explaining things that incorporate both.

More to the point, there are too many scientific proofs for me to accept stories of the world being less than 6k years old. I don’t believe in ignorance and this ban pushes it as being an acceptable practice.

It is part and parcel of my argument that we need to be a part of the world, not separate. Once we were forced to live in ghettos, we shouldn’t do so again, self-imposed or otherwise.

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  1. Stacey February 1, 2005 at 4:35 am

    “The Science of Torah” is on my Amazon wish list. I have been very interested in this book because of my own questions and and struggle to reconcile science and religion.

    I do not support the banning of books. That is just wrong.

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