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Within the past two weeks I have received several emails from at least four different bloggers asking for series of favors. Each one of you has inquired about how to increase the amount of traffic to your blog, how to generate more comments and has also requested that I mention your blog within my blog.

For now I am going to hold off on mentioning anyone publicly. I prefer to do that when I am interested in a specific comment or point that you have made. Also, if you are really interested in letting my readers know who you are one of the best ways to do that is to be a consistent commenter on this blog.

Frequency is one of the keys to any advertising program, the more people see your name and message the more likely it will be that they remember and visit you. So in addition to my blog I would suggest you also provide comments on many other blogs as well.

But here is one of the key things to remember. If you are truly that interested in developing a large circulation you must always strive for excellent content and I would advocate smart comments too. It is much easier to get people to visit once than it is to get them to stay.

Also, please do not take my refusal to mention your blog as an indictment of whether I think that it is good or bad. I happen to like all of yours, but at the moment I don’t feel any need to mention you. This could and will likely change in the future.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, give your blogs some time to find their sea legs and you’ll find that your readers will come along as well.

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