GI says he delivered Goering’s poison pill

“LOS ANGELES (AFP) – A former US Army private who was a guard at the Nuremberg trials says he gave convicted Nazi war criminal Hermann Goering the poison capsule that enabled the top Nazi to commit suicide two hours before his scheduled execution, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Entire books have been written pondering how the heavily guarded Nazi leader managed to evade justice. And while Herbert Lee Stivers’s story cannot be proven, several experts on the era have said it rings true.

Stivers, 78, a retired sheet metal worker from southern California, was a 19-year-old army private assigned to an honor guard that escorted Nazi defendants in and out of the courtroom during the post-World War II war crimes trials.”

There are a number of ways that we could respond to this. At this juncture I think that I am going to accept his explanation that he was a patsy for this girl.

Goering did not get away. He did not die triumphantly, he did not win, he still lost. And he died as an incarcerated, convicted criminal.

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