Who Is Stopping You From Living

I am opinionated. I don’t apologize for it, it is who I am. I know how I feel about most things, but I have been working on that because I really don’t need to have an opinion about everything. I have been trying to minimize, simplify and lessen the influence of things that provide complications in my life.

It is not always that easy, whirlwinds follow me, I create chaos or it follows me. Probably a little bit of both, but such is life.

One of the things that I have a hard time understanding is how many people prevent themselves from being successful. Often there is no greater enemy, no bigger stumbling block to success and happiness than ourselves.

The blog is a great tool for looking inside and gaining a better understanding of who we are. At least I have found it to be so. I look for the dark and dank areas. I search for the things that I have stuffed down, hidden in the dark. I am no different than you, there are things that have hurt me, incidents that have caused me pain.

If there is any sort of distinction it is that I go searching for the places that hide the remnants of these experiences and I stare at them. The goal is to knock down the pieces that hold me up, confront my fears and move ahead. I am not always successful, but I feel good about it.

It is comforting to know that I have made the effort. Too often we lose out on things because we fail to try. It is not a matter of saying that you didn’t live up to your potential. The tragedy is not having tried to. There is no cliche there, nothing hokey or shmaltzy.

Go forth and live, be who you are and learn who you are to become.

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