A Valentines Day Story Part 2

Stephanie#1 is told by the friend that they have to leave, apparently the walk did not go well. She lets me know that she doesn’t want to go and with a whisper offers to finish what she has started.

Somehow I manage to convince her that it is ok, I have to work in the morning and am so sorry that we cannot keep a beautiful evening going. They girls leave and I tell my buddy that if he sets me up like this again I am going to finish what the mohel started.

The next night I have a date with Stephanie #2 that I am really excited about. I still think that she is hot, love spending time with her and am hopeful that she feels the same way about me. I get dressed, pick her up and my jaw hits the floor. She is just amazing to look at, dark hair, blue eyes and a body that screams out for me.

But I have had no luck in that area as she has made it very clear that she is going to be slow about this. In other times I might not have been so patient, but I really am attracted to her and think that she might make a great girlfriend and so I hang around.

We have another great date. I walk her to the door and try to kiss her. She apologizes and says that she is not ready for it, but promises if I’ll be patient things will eventually happen. I am frustrated and confused by her.

The next day I am studying at the library when I run into Stephanie #3. We haven’t really spoken since the night we kissed and she wants to talk it out. We have a long talk, end up at her apartment and I do everything that I have promised myself that I am not going to do and end up fooling around again. Only this time things move a little further along. Part of me is happy to see that Stephanie #1 has not caused any permanent damager and part of me is disappointed that I gave in.

Of course I give no clue or hint of this to Stephanie #3 and spend part of the time wondering if number 2 is really interested and if she is thinking about me.

Back on campus I run into Stephanie #1. I know that she doesn’t have any classes on this side and my suspicions about her are confirmed, she is really into me. We make small talk and like an idiot I agree to a date. I don’t know why, other than I am still hurt and confused and wonder if maybe I am being too hard on her.

Meanwhile Stephanie #3 wants to make plans to study together at the library and then go out afterwards. Again I agree, even though number 2 is really who I want to be seeing.

Inside part of me there is a battle between good and evil. I can hear my father reminding me about my sisters and I think about trying to gently end things with one and three. The other side keeps telling me that I have two women who have proven that they are interested in me and that since neither has asked me for an exclusive deal I have nothing to feel badly about.

I look in the mirror and say “You are not just a schmuck, but a horny schmuck.” Then and there I decide that very soon I am going to come clean in the most painless way I can, but before I can do that I have to go out with both 1 and 3 as promised.

Stay tuned for part 3

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  1. Doctor Bean February 9, 2005 at 11:53 pm

    Dear Jack:

    Just to be clear, when I said on other threads that you should have voted for Bush, this isn’t what I meant.


  2. Jack's Shack February 9, 2005 at 7:25 pm

    Hi Anonymous,

    I write about a lot of things and there is not a story on my blog that my wife doesn’t know about. My relationship with her is my business, but thanks for playing.

    P.S. If you had any balls you would not have done this anonymously.

  3. Anonymous February 9, 2005 at 6:53 pm

    Does your wife have a problem with you writing about ex-girlfriends so frequently?

    What is it about them that you can’t leave in the past now as a married man?

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