A Valentines Day Story Part 3

It is finally time for my date with Stephanie #1. I am still not sure why I agreed to this, but don’t want to cancel at the last minute. She has promised to cook me dinner and I figure that this should be a painless evening.

She actually knows about my dysfunctional digestive system. I have already decided that I am going to become ill and that I’ll politely blame my dysfunctional digestive system and duck out of there.

I get to her apartment to find out that she has good news. Her roommate has moved out and she has the cash to handle the place on her own, we’ll be alone the entire evening. I congratulate her and look for a place to hide.

She explains that the second piece of good news is that she is ready, willing and excited to finish what she started the last time I saw her. My lack of complaints/pushiness to finish the job has made her want to reward me, immediately.

Inside my head I hear The Robot from Lost In Space saying “Danger Will Robinson, Danger Will Robinson.” Now I am faced with a dilemma that appears to be black and white to me.

I can tell her no that I am not interested and end things or I can let her do it and go ahead and end things later. I’ll be a real jerk if I don’t end things up front, but I am young and dumb and agree to things. Not to mention that she is so gung-ho and eager I cannot help but be turned on.

She does her thing and I do mine and then we get to eat dinner. It is a nice meal, but it is candle light and I hate candle light. I know, not very romantic of me, but I like to see what I am eating.

Over dinner she asks me if I’ll go out with her on Valentine’s Day and now I am really stuck. I feel trapped, she has taken care of me in a number of ways this evening, how do I say no. Valentine’s Day is about 10 days away, so I figure that I’ll come up with something. The evening ends and I go home.

The next day I am relatively free and plan on hanging out with the boys. G-d laughs at my plan and sends Stephanie #2 into the picture. She wants to have coffee and talk about things. I shower, change into something that looks cool and meet her at the coffee shop. We hug, kid around and again I am reminded that I can’t stop staring at her.

She explains again about having recently ended a very serious relationship and tells me that she appreciates my patience and that she is interested in me. I take a shot and ask her if she’ll let me take her out on Valentine’s Day and she says yes.

I know that I am making life more difficult, but she is entrancing and I can’t stop thinking about how we would be good for each other. The date ends and she finally really kisses me and now I am really happy. It becomes very apparent to her too and she laughs as we break our embrace and I try to shield my happiness from the other people in the parking lot. Inside my heart is soaring and I am pumped.

Stay tuned for the next part.

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