Iran & Nukes Part 2

In part one of this saga we learn that: Iran tells US nuclear sites cannot be destroyed because

Top national security official Hassan Rowhani said on state television that a military strike would only push Iran’s nuclear activities underground, and told Washington that the stand-off should be settled by dialogue.

“Our nuclear centres cannot be destroyed. Our nuclear technology comes from our scientists (and) we can transfer our nuclear workshops under mountains and carry out enrichment where no bomb or missile can be effective,” said the cleric

This is of course is all part of the posturing of a country that sponsors terror, can you say hizbollah. And of course we read earlier about Palestinian accusations that Hizbollah is trying to sabotage the cease fire. Oh what a tangled web we weave.

In part two we learn that Iran Says Will Never Give Up Nuclear Technology. And here we witness more posturing.

TEHRAN/WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Iran, in a renewed challenge to U.S. and European efforts to prevent it from acquiring a nuclear bomb, vowed on Wednesday it would never give up its nuclear program.

President Mohammad Khatami (newsweb sites) also warned of “massive” consequences if it was treated unfairly over its nuclear program which Iran says is for peaceful purposes only and Washington believes is a cover for producing a bomb.

“We give our guarantee that we will not produce nuclear weapons because we’re against them and do not believe they are a source of power,” Khatami told foreign ambassadors in Tehran.

“But we will not give up peaceful nuclear technology.”


“I stress very clearly that despite all our patience, if we feel others are not meeting their promises, under no circumstances would we be committed to continue fulfilling ours,” Khatami said.

“And we will adopt a new policy, the consequences of which are massive and would be the responsibility of those who broke their commitments,” he said. Khatami did not elaborate on what those consequences might be

So we are supposed to just accept the word of a country that sponsors terror and has been incredibly divisive and plays a large role in tension of the Middle East. Call me Ahmed, but I have no reason to believe anything that they say or claim.

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  1. Irina Tsukerman February 10, 2005 at 6:11 pm

    Hello, Ahmed… Ahem, I mean I agree with your view of Iran… but somehow I doubt anything we do at this point will matter. Unless EU joins us in a noncompromising condemnation and pressure, there are few prospects for change.

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