My Son Makes Me Laugh So Hard I Cry

My son is an endless source of entertainment. I remember being 4-years-old and I remember running to greet my father at the door as he does with me. There is such unadulterated joy in his life, it just makes me smile.

This morning I walked him into school and made challah with him. I am very lucky to have an office next to the school, it really has been nice. As we rolled the dough he sang softly to himself, it was a potpourri of songs, some in English, some in Hebrew.

You can always tell when the two of us have made challah together. It is the one with the funny looking braids, but it still tastes great.

Since we live in Los Angeles winter snow is a foreign concept. So ever year the school has “Snow day.” Last year was his first experience with snow, he had heard about it, seen it on television, but had never touched it.

One of the funnier things I have heard was watching him tell his cousin about snow day. Since his cousin lives in the East he received a rather quizzical look. I tried to explain that we don’t see snow in Los Angeles (actually we had some in ’89, but it was only a day) but he didn’t quite get it.

Last night we read some books and decided to watch a little television. We turned on Popeye. It was his first time watching it, so I tried to take advantage of the “spinach” bit. He wasn’t real interested in that, but did like the show.

When it was over he looked at me and said “Daddy, I learned something.” I asked him what and he said “If you punch people they fly through the air, even if you don’t eat spinach.”

Ok, maybe it is time to go back to the Baby Einstein videos. Oy.

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  1. wanda February 12, 2005 at 9:47 pm

    Dude! You can remember being 4? I can barely remember being 40!!!
    Oh gawd, what does that say about me?
    *^~flutters away^*~

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