Hurt feelings, Misunderstanding and words

In light of recent posts on this blogs and others I wanted to continue down the path of discussing writing. Blogging is a very personal thing. When you leave a comment on a person’s blog it is similar to having walked into their home and spoke with them.

Most people wouldn’t just walk into a random house and insult the people that live there, out here in cyberspace it happens all the time.

But I have a sneaking suspicion that some of the hurt feelings are caused by the the writing, not by the intent of the person. That is, is not always easy to convey feelings, thoughts and humor effectively. Sarcasm especially does not always translate well.

From this perspective it seems easy to understand how people could so easily engage in some silly arguments. Then again you may not have followed this post at all and I am creating a misimpression of what I am trying to impress upon you.

This is why I make a policy of being very direct with any comments that are intended to offend. If I want to offend you I am going to come right out and tell you that you are an idiot. But then again, if you don’t understand my normal posts you are probably are as dumb as a rock and that is an insult to the rock. 😉

Life is too short to get too bent out of shape.

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