The Evolution of Antisemitism

Daniel Pipes wrote a column in which he discusses theevolution of antisemitism.

He cites a move from the right to the left, a switch from Christians spearheading it to Muslim, a move from religous bigotry to secular and a combination of Anti-America/Jew/Israel mindset where the groups are one and the same.

I can’t say that I found anything in there that I rabidly disagree with. His assertion that American Jews have been living in a Golden Age here in the states for the last 60 years makes sense. America may not be as tolerant as we would like, but for the most part it has been outstanding and there has been little reason to worry the way some of our grandparents and great-grand parents did in the old country.

Pipes discusses the situation in Europe and again I agree that things are not nearly as good as they could be, and in some places (France) they are just downright ugly.

The big question to me is the one we all ask. What can we do to root out the problem, how do we stop it’s promulgation and what can we do to affect change now.

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