Dear Jack

Dear Jack,

I have been trying to post a comment for close to a week now, but every time I try to do so Blogger prevents me from doing so. It is really frustrating. I wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed reading about your grandparents, music story and some of the other posts.

But I really want to ask you about your Inside the Bloggers studio post. Where did that come from? How did something so crazy show up in your dreams and do you remember everything you dream about.

Thank you,


Dear David,

Thank you for your note. I wrote Blogger this morning and asked them for assistance in diagnosing the problem with the comments. I am hopeful that they can fix this problem soon.

I have a very vivid imagination and I think in graphic terms. Often when I am mulling something over I have a mental image of whatever that is in my head.

I remember many dreams, but I can’t say that I remember all of them. And sometimes what I remember is a piece of a dream, a fragment that only makes a little sense to me, but not enough to explain who, what, where, why or how.



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