A Few More Words About My Fiction

So I decided to try and become a little bit more serious about the story I am writing. Initially I began writing it as a bit of a lark, it was a joke that just took off. And as the joke has gotten a little more serious so have I.

I started the adjunct blog Fragments of Fiction as a work station that I could use to work on the story and now I have decided to make some additional adjustments.

As currently constituted there are three different threads that are part of the package and I haven’t figured out yet if I am going to tie them all together, weave them into something that resembles a real story or what.

What I do know is that in order to move ahead I need to take a harder look at what I have come up with and try and see what inconsistencies exist so that I can try and polish the rough spots. To help facilitate this I have taken the initial posts and combined them into three very long threads.

At 8,000 words what you will find is that it has stretched the page tremendously and I expect that only those who have truly become engaged with the story will read through it all. But I can tell you that there are additions and subtractions to what you have previously read.

I am not sure if I will retain this format any longer than this evening, it really is a matter of trying to determine the easiest means for me to construct a coherent and thoughtful story.

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