More Thoughts From a Four-Year-Old Boy

Last night during dinner my son had more to say, more questions to ask and so I share some of it with you.

Him: Daddy, the food we eat goes straight to our feet to make us bigger, right?

Me: Actually it goes into our mouths, down our throats and into our stomachs where it is mashed up and then distributed throughout our body. Some goes to our arms, some goes to our legs, our hands, our feet, all over the body.

Him: You must eat a lot because your tushie and your penis are much bigger than mine.

Me: (Stifling a snicker) You are going to grow just like me. But you need to eat healthy foods and to get lots of rest and exercise.

Him: My penis grows now when I touch it, I don’t need to eat.

Me: (Hmm, this conversation is getting interesting.) If you eat the right foods all of you is going to grow.

Him: Want to see me make it grow?

Me: No, we are eating dinner and that is something for you to do in your room by yourself. It is just for you. How about some more carrots, they are good for your eyes.

Him: Will they make my hair grow?

Me: They’ll help.

Him: You should eat some more too because I can see your skin on your head.

Me: I’ll do that. (Thanks for noticing the hair loss, before you were born I had a full head of hair.

Him: Daddy, I am nervous.

Me: Why?

Him: What if my feet grow big like you but nothing else does.

Me: (Where does he come up with this?) I don’t think that you have to worry about that, the rest of you will keep up.

And that my friends is just a small sample of the conversation with my son. I may have to read this at his Bar-Mitzvah.

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