A Reason Not To Monkey Around with Monkeys

“CALIENTE, Calif. (AP) – Several chimpanzees broke from their cages at an animal sanctuary Thursday and attacked two visitors, seriously injuring them, authorities said. Sanctuary workers shot and killed two of the powerful animals.

Officials did not immediately release the victims’ names, but a television station reported that they were a couple who were visiting another chimpanzee that had been removed from their home years earlier for his own aggressive behavior.

One of those injured at the Animal Haven Ranch was airlifted to Kern Medical Center in critical condition, said Sheriff’s Sgt. Jeff Hunt. Another victim was in serious condition, said Hunt, who did not know what kind of injuries they suffered.”

Updated with interesting facts:

I found this link to the Saint Louis Zoo. Here is a snippet that I thought was interesting. Click here for more information.

Fun Facts

  • Chimpanzees communicate with each other through vocalizations (sounds), body language, and facial expressions. They have a large range of expressions, from the play face to the fear grin.
  • Chimps are our closest living relatives. In fact, we share 98.4% of our DNA with chimps.
  • Chimpanzees are seven times as strong as a man.
  • The chimpanzee is one of four “great ape” species. The others are the bonobo (or pygmy chimpanzee), gorilla, and orangutan.

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