Uganda nabs man-eating croc

KAMPALA (Reuters) – A 5-metre-long (16 ft) crocodile said to have eaten more than 80 people has been caught alive in Uganda and transferred to a sanctuary, officials say.

The giant beast — weighing about a tonne — was captured by wildlife experts who spent three nights camping in the bush before locating their target.

Residents told local media on Tuesday the crocodile killed 83 people over the last two decades, mostly fishermen plying their trade on Lake Victoria off the shores of Bugiri district.

“Much as the residents of Luganga wanted to kill the reptile after our rangers had captured it, it is our responsibility to protect it by removing it from that area and keeping it in a safe place,” Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) spokeswoman Lillian Nsubuga told Reuters.

The beast – reportedly more than 60 years old — was trapped using ropes and transported by pick-up truck to Buwama crocodile farm west of the capital Kampala.”

Was this the first attempt to catch the croc?

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