C-Span Is Losing Credibility Fast

I just read a story at Jewlicious that makes me shake my head in anger and disbelief. The basic tale is that they are going to give air time to a discredited liar. Here is the synopsis as provided there:

“Deborah Lipstadt is professor of Holocaust Studies who was sued by David Irving for libel because she called him a Holocaust denier. He lost big time. The British High Court of Justice declared that Irving, who up until then was widely respected as a prominent and superb historian of World War II, was in fact an anti-semite and whose racism and hatred of Jews colored his publications. You can read the trial at this site and go to Section XIII to read the verdict where Irving is crushed by the judge for his antisemitism, racism, and the ruin of his work as a historian as a result.

Lipstadt has recently come out with a new book about the trial, “History on Trial: My Day in Court with David Irving.” She was going to discuss the book at the Harvard Hillel and C-Span asked to film the event. Lipstadt was inclined to agree, until she learned…

…yup, the masterminds idiots of impartiality at C-Span were going to also have a David Irving lecture broadcast together with her talk.”

The lack of common sense here is just so disturbing. Would you provide airtime to someone who said that World War II was a minor problem and that it was overblown.

This is not a First Amendment issue. It is not a matter of having to provide him with this time. What are they thinking. Some people just don’t get it, the lack of common sense is just frightening.

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