Majority Leader DeLay Calls On God In Schiavo Battle

“DeLay, admonished last year by the House ethics committee for three separate matters, now faces questions about foreign trips funded by outside groups.”

Someone needs to speak with old Tom about a few things. I wonder if his G-d approves of corruption. Let’s see what he has to say about the charges against him.

“DeLay, in addressing the Family Research Council, said, “The other side has figured out how to win and defeat the conservative movement, and that is to go after people personally, charge them with frivolous charges.”

I guess that he thinks that his G-d approves of his behavior. Now he and I have a different set of beliefs, mine include taking responsibility for my actions. When I do good things I want the credit and when I do not than I deserve to take the hit for that too.

To me the sickest thing about this most recent indiscretion is the bringing religion into this matter for political gain. The Schiavo situation should be a private matter, regardless of where you stand on it there should be some dignity but people like DeLay rob it of that.

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