From the Midst of a Bazillion People

Apparently Audioblogger is not working because I tried to post from the middle of the Happiest Place on Earth which also happens to be the location of a bazallion people. And these bazaillion people were all milling about in a gazillion different directions making it difficult to traverse the rugged terrain of Frontierland, the wacky landscape of Toontown and just forget Fantasyland.

Hadn’t been to Disneyland in about five years, definitely not since they added California Adventure to it.

Somehow we managed to park in the one lot that didn’t have tram service. It wouldn’t have been so bad if I hadn’t been loaded down with sleeping children and gear. It was literally a 20 minute walk from the car to the entrance. I had a backpack that weighed about 12 pounds and alternated between 17 and 38 pounds of sleeping child so I suppose that I am ready to begin basic training.

It was a good day, we had a lot of fun and so did the children. But today my body is feeling the pounding it took. My son and I had a great time on many of the rides, but the Pirates of the Carribean takes the cake.

It was a new experience for him and we was a little scared so he spent a lot of the ride tucked underneath my arm and squeezing my hand, but he still liked it.

We considered purchasing an annual pass, but there are too many blackout dates and I am not willing to spend $300 a pop to avoid that. It is about 45 minutes from the house, so we will go back but at these prices not that frequently. All in all it was a good day.

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