Terri Schiavo- I Must be a Heartless Killer

I received another piece of fan mail in which I was told that I am a heartless, sociopath because I do not believe that Terri Schiavo is alive in any meaningful way and that I think she has been turned into a political pawn.

I am still not going to spend a ton of time writing about my thoughts and feelings on this, in part because I just don’t feel strongly enough to do so. But the few moments I give are enough to say again that this case has rolled out a large number of hypocrites.

This is not a situation that has to be seen in black and white terms and I argue that if you do you are missing out on the many subtleties and intricacies here. It is not about saying that someone is pro0-death or pro-life. It cannot be boiled down to such a simple description.

We have taken the most personal, private and painful moments of a family and placed them on display.

We are not providing coverage of the funerals of our servicepeople. We are not watching as wives/children/parents cry over the casket of those who gave their lives in service to our country. And I am not arguing that we should, but there are people among us who are not coming correct here.

Terri’s case is tragic, but it should not be our focus and if we must do so than I would hope to take it to a higher level then the rudimentary discourse I see out there now.

And I still wonder about the people who claim the moral ground here. What do you do in your community. How do you help? What do you do to improve the world? Or is it easier to sit in your recliner and complain about how unfair life is.

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