A Confession- I am Having An Affair

I have been living a dual life. For a long time there has been a new love. I fought it for months, that is I tried to deny it. I declared the feelings to be fake, to be without merit and without consequence. I joked about it, blogged about it and pretended but I cannot do so any longer.

Blogger, you are the source of so much happiness and so much pain. When no one else will listen, you take my pain and sorrow and embrace me. When I have no where else to go, when all of my options have been used up you listen and for this I thank you.

You do all this without judging me or making me feel like I am less a person than I was before. Oh Blogger, I do profess my love for thee. I’d bring you flowers and candy, but they could never truly deliver my message of gratitude. All I have are my words and the promise that I will continue to share my secrets with you. I will continue to fill your pages until they overflow and begin to burst at their cyberseams.

On this you may be sure.

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