To Move Or Not To Move

The big question in the Shack is about how to make sure that the children get the best education they can receive. It is part of my parental obligation, right next to making sure that they dare not become Celtics or Giants fans in which case the world would immediately cease to exist.

So we have begun the discussion of public versus private schools and are busily researching neighborhoods and schools. I can’t use the one by me, school that is because there are far too many children there who speak English as a second language.

Just so that it is clear I don’t think that not being able to speak English is a sign of intelligence or a lack thereof, but as long as we live in the US it is critical that my children be masters of the language and a number of other subjects so I do not want them to be held back because other children are not yet able to keep up in the language of instruction.

At the same time I want them to understand how important it is to be multilingual which is one of the reasons my son is part of a Hebrew immersion program at his preschool. Being able to speak multiple languages helps you to understand that you are part of a global society.

And so we find ourselves investigating other local schools and trying to determine if we can get the children enrolled in them. There are some financial incentives in being able to avoid private schools and if possible I would like to take advantage of them.

So there is a strong possibility that we may have to move to a different home to take advantage of better schools. And none of this takes into account our dire and desperate need for more room. We have considered and are still considering remodeling the home, but construction with two small children is not something that really excites me.

In the midst of all this there have been a few friends who have suggested leaving Los Angeles and to them I say, are you freaking nuts. I love it here for so many reasons. There is so much opportunity, so much diversity, such amazing weather so many good things why would I give this up. I am willing to make a few sacrifices for all of this.

My daughter and I have taken up dancing to all kinds of music. She loves it and so do I. Earlier we strutted our stuff to the following:

Rappers Delight- The Sugarland Gang
When the Heartache is Over- Tina Turner
The Crying Game- Boy George
Somebody’s Crying- Chris Isaak
White Wedding- Billy Idol
Summertime- Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong
My Way- Frank Sinatra
Love Train- The O’Jays
Hard to Handle- Otis Redding
A Song For You- Ray Charles

She is still too young to realize that her daddy can’t sing worth a damn, but she giggled and laughed the whole time. And when I tried to stop she screamed, but I stopped because you always have to leave them wanting more.

For a brief moment I could almost see her as a teenager and I smiled, but it was a bittersweet smile. Other boys will come and grab my girl’s eye and I’ll be relegated to pasture. But I told her today as I have in the past that her daddy’s eye will always be there so that if she needs a little help I can be there.

As the big brother of three little sisters I have a certain expertise in this area. When we were growing up some of my middle sister’s friends adopted me so I spent more than a little time explaining what I thought were lines and what I thought was honesty.

There are probably a few guys who got dumped because I didn’t buy what they were selling, or maybe not. I could be overselling my own importance, but my gut tells me that I played a role in a few. Not sure that or why it matters, but this blog is about random thoughts.

Speaking of somewhat random thoughts but still tied into this line, here is one for you. Tonight I found myself staring at a beautiful woman. She was just hot, caught my eye and kept my attention. I was putting gas in the car and she was at the pump right across from me. I stood there enjoying the view when her friend in the car called out to her about the party that they were heading to, some kind of senior bash.

And then it struck me, I was staring at a baby, a girl who was still in high school and I just shook my head. She’d probably look at me as being old enough to be her father. Suddenly I am Kevin Spacey in American Beauty. Oy vey, how did I become Woody Allen.

OTOH, my grandfather is almost 91 and it is easy to see that even at his age he still appreciates a beautiful woman so why am I going to fight genetics.

I should add that one of the best parts of being older is being able to appreciate the whole package. There are some women from my past who might think of me as having been a bit of a jerk with only one thing on my mind. And back in my late teens early 20s I probably was. Not an excuse, but the truth.

IMO part of maturing is being able to look at yourself critically and I can say that I have made just a few mistakes here and there.

Say, did I mention that we are torn on the schools issue and trying to decide about whether we should move or not. Someone cue the Clash, “Should I stay or Should I go Now……”

It is late and I just lost an hour of sleep so I am signing off. I’ll see you kids later. And to all you infant/toddler boys, don’t let me catch you looking at my daughter. I know that you are watching her, thinking about taking her toys, slipping the bottle out of her hands. I am not above putting you all in a timeout………………..

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