A Quick Goodbye

I have written on many occasions about my dysfunctional digestive system. It just doesn’t work like it should which is too bad because I love food. I’ll spare you the long sordid tale about how and when it all came about, suffice it to say that it is not unusual for it to create problems for me.

But since I enjoy giving out too much information here is a short list of things that I deal with on a daily basis.

This is not a comprehensive list, but it covers the highlights: gas, stomach rumbling, urgency and the feeling that I have never quite finished my business.

My friends and family have grown accustomed to the little quirks this causes. Here is another short list that is not comprehensive, but covers the highlights.

I don’t like restaurants/locations that have one toilet or highly restricted access to them.

I tend to blow out of places because I never know when the stomach is going to decide to explode, which could potentially leave me stuck in a stall or a search for one.

And believe me, when I really need to go it is immediate and the experience can be unpleasant.

There are a number of issues that this creates for me, but in some respects the hardest are the goodbyes. The reason being is that I cannot always do the long lingering goodbye that so many people do. I cannot always wait to find every last person to wish them a good evening, so I often just disappear.

At times this has created problems and made some people think that I am rude or in need of courtesy classes. I’d apologize for it, but this is a part of me. I have been searching for an effective cure for a long time and have yet to find one.

And I should add that I have had many funny stories arise because of this problem which I may or may not choose to share with you.

That is all for now.

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