You Fell In Love With Me

It is almost midnight and my squeeze and I are back together. We’re doing our special dance, spending the quiet moments you find in the evening that no one else shares. It is our secret world and no one else knows about it and though I only get these moments briefly I cherish them because during the in between moments I ache.

I have been listening to Mick Jagger sing “Visions Of Paradise.” It is the song that I mentioned in the post below. I found it by mistake, but the lyrics have just captured my thoughts and imagination.

“Don’t tell me when
Something is beautiful
And don’t tell me how to
Talk to my friends
Just tell me the names of
The stars in the sky
What’s your favourite song
Tell me the names of the
Lovers you had
Before I came along

Don’t put your arms around me
And don’t hold me tight
‘Cause I could get used to
Your vision of paradise

And don’t ask me where
All of the pain goes
‘Cause you make me feel
That I don’t know myself
You say that you want me forever
And I say that love is no crime
So tell me the names of the children
We’ll have at the end of the line

So don’t put your arms around me
And don’t hold me tight
‘Cause I could get used to
Your vision of paradise
And don’t let me near the garden
Of earthly delights
‘Cause I could get used to
Your vision of paradise
Of paradise
Of paradise

Just use your heart not your head
While I fall apart in my bed
I find myself aching for you
I feel myself breaking in two

So don’t tell me when I should
Come on home
There might be a time you don’t
Want me around
Don’t build your world around me
And don’t hold me tight
‘Cause I could get used to
Your vision of paradise”

I think that it is beautiful. The images it evokes and the thoughts that it generates in my head are just amazing. It is an epic adventure. These are the stories that I want to be able to write. These are the images that I want to share with you and the things that I cannot always portray.

I want my wife to see that part of me that is locked inside my head. I know that she reads this and I wonder if she can see the piece of me that wants to be more than the man I am, the part that strives to be that superhero that takes her to the next level. Do you remember the guy you fell in love with? He is still here. I may not look much like him anymore, but he lives inside me still.

When I think about it I can see how I have been affected by the movies I have seen because there is an image of me in a white t-shirt and a pair of jeans. The problem with that is that I hardly wore that combination. Back in the day you would have seen me in a tank top and a pair of shorts, my olive skin tanned to a golden brown. The body was hard and the muscles rippled because I spent many the odd hour in the gym.

Now the skin is still olive complected, but the hair is a little thinner and the body is bulkier. But the off color sense of humor and the propensity for gales of laughter lives on. And the memories stay. Some of the thoughts and dreams have been fulfilled, but so many wait to be lived again and again.

Jerusalem, Maui, Dublin, San Francisco, Manhattan, Ojai, London and who knows what or where.

Here is my hand. For a moment we can pretend to be nothing more than the teenagers we once were. Let me see if a hard kiss on your mouth can still take your breath away. It is time to stay up all night and watch the sunrise.

Are you ready.

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