When Parents Fail Their Children

I just finished reading a story that Brian posted on his blog that infuriated me. There is a real problem when we cannot rely upon parents to instill common sense and decency in their children.

Here is a brief excerpt:

“Just another girl feud, right? A kid fight? I wish it were so. Student A’s mother followed her daughter down the street and into Student B’s yard. She stood on the street watching approvingly while her daughter pummeled this other child in her own yard. When another girl tried to pull Student A off of her friend, mom entered the yard screaming and yelling. At first, the girl trying to help thought, “at last, an adult here to help out”. Not quite. The mother restrained the other girl from breaking up the fight and repeatedly yelled, “Kick her ass! Kill her!” It took an adult male neighbor to come across the street and pull her daughter off the other girl.”

When I was a child we used to make silly remarks like “my dad can kick your dad’s ass” and some other similar comments. It never occurred to me that the things I said at 10 had any chance of materializing into reality.

This is tragic and disturbing. It is a serious issue and I hope that they come down hard on the parents because someone here needs to learn about responsibility.

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