Bloggercise Meets the Bloggercist- Blogrolling

Ok, if you haven’t figured it out I made those two words in the title up, at least I am claiming that. Somewhere in the deep and dark recesses of cyberspace there are at least two other people claiming that they are the inventors.

Go ahead and provide the paperwork to prove that. In the interim my representative The Monkey will be happy to discuss the particulars with you.

Within the last couple of days I have noticed that I have been running into bloggers in places that I would not expect to see them. The easiest way to explain this is by saying that one of the things that I like to do is to survey the blogrolls of the people I read. I then randomly grab a few blogs from that list, click on them and then do the same on their blogs.

It is an unscientific approach to expose myself to new and interesting blogs. What throws me a little is that I am running into bloggers on other blogs where I am not sure what their connection is. It is a little bit like playing the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon game that we used to play.

I am a very curious man, ask my wife and she’ll say that I am a curious boy, but that is a different story. Anyway, when I see some of these people I wonder what brings them to the blog I just stumbled onto.

Is it a daily read for them? Have I found some hip, little known secret outpost on the net, or is this just a random encounter for both of us. What interests do they share with me? How many licks does it take to get to the center of a lollipop? If we were both stranded on a desert island what would it be like and why are these islands always referred to as deserts? Why not be stranded on a tropical island.

The conversation in my head is similar to the one I had at Disneyland a couple of weeks ago in which I ran into the same people over and over again, but in different parts of the park and not chronologically. In specific terms I saw one family in ToonToon at noon and then in Frontierland at 4:30 and then in Tomorrowland at 8. But they were never on the same rides as us. It was a little scary.

In any case, this post is dragging on interminably like a bad relationship in which no one is able to break up so I’ll end it here.

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