Gaza- The End of the Dream or The Beginning of Something New

Last week I spent a few minutes discussing the thoughts of Daniel Pipes and Rabbi Daniel Gordis regarding disengagement from Gaza.

I did not say much about my own thoughts in part because there is not a whole lot to say. I don’t like it. The very thought roils my stomach and makes me scrunch up my nose as if something stinks. But, I am terribly concerned about not taking risks to bring about peace.

I have heard some people say that if it doesn’t work out it is a simple matter of sending troops in to take it back. I think that this is a pipe dream. Ignoring all of the problems presented by that scenariom the one thing that cannot be ignored is that the people who push it are not the parents of those who would fight.

Under any scenario the people at risk here are friends and family members. I know people who were murdered by terrorists and there is a streak of vengeance in me that thirsts for blood. There is a place in my heart that cannot conceive of giving a single acre away. But as I watch my children play and think of my loved ones I wonder again at the foolishness that led down this path and think that we need to take the chance.

I am not going to go on because there are others who have said it better than I have, but the fight for peace involves force and diplomacy. I pray that this works because if it does not it will have created a major rift and done incredible damage for little to no return.

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