Provincial Idiocy

I am slightly irked right now, I say slightly because I am not willing to waste a whole lot of energy on this.

The topic is gay marriage and it came up because of Miriam’s post about a wedding she went to in which two women were married. Some people are so threatened by the idea of gay marriage that they will come up with any and every argument that they can think of to try and prevent it.

The last time I brought this up I was accused of being gay, which is partially true because it is fair to call me a lesbian trapped in a man’s body. If anything I am a man with an overactive libido and an exceptionally strong attraction to women, I can’t get enough of them. But that is not relevant to the conversation.

To me this comes down to a basic question. Does gay marriage hurt anyone? I have yet to see how it is a problem. It doesn’t mock or devalue my marriage. It doesn’t promote homosexuality, it celebrates the love of two people.

And in the context of celebrating that love and the commitment that they are willing to make to each other I have nothing but warm wishes for them.

Just so that it is clear if either of my children turn out to be gay I will love them no less. I prefer that they are not gay, but in large part that is because I know of the discrimination and hardship that they will face if they turn out to be gay.

In regard to adoption of children I would prefer that they be placed in a loving home with two loving parents. In order I would prefer the typical nuclear family but given the choice between a loving gay couple and a straight one that is not so loving the answer is easy.

For that matter if you have a poor straight couple and an affluent gay couple assuming that both couples are stable and equally loving I might opt for the affluent because of their ability to provide for the child.

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