Community- Jewish and otherwise

My children are the best part of me. I am no different than any other father or mother who cares about their family. They are my hope and dream for the future. They are my legacy and I take great care to try and do the best that I can to guide them and teach them how to be people of character, how to navigate the obstacles life produces.

One of the ways that I can help them is to teach them to recognize that they are part of many different communities. They are Jews with all of the joy, hope, promise and pain. They are members of a proud family that just celebrated the 91st birthday of a great-grandmother. They are Americans, citizens of a land that has worked hard to meet the goals and ideals of many. They are human beings, creatures of incredible strength and wonder, witnesses to amazing acts of courage and terrible acts of horror.

They are the moon and stars of my sky and wish them nothing but good things. I only hope to do as much for them as my parents have done for me.

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