Feedback From The Readers

Dear Jack,

I really enjoy your posts about your life with your children, mostly because I have children and have no life. How do you do it?



Dear Mike,

Balance, tenacity and dumb luck. Heck, I do not know how I do anything, I just do it.


Dear Jack,

I am getting married soon and was very interested in reading your post about sex and children. My girlfriends and I often speak about this because we do not want to be the wife that doesn’t put out anymore. Most women do not want to admit to this, but it is a known fact. Keep posting.



Dear Kathy,

You are going to make some man very happy and I suspect some women very angry, but what do I know, I am just a 30 something dad from Los Angeles.



I have asked you numerous times to blogroll me and all you do is belittle me in your posts. What kind of man are you?

Screw you,


Dear Ted,

You are an attention whore who would be better off diddling the postman or haunting a house. How much do you charge, the Engels place is available. Can’t wait until I get your next note.


Dear Jack,

Happy Passover. Enjoy your holiday and I’ll enjoy my pizza.

Breadly yours,


Dear Sam,

Thanks for the good wishes.

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