When A Fool Speaks Part 2

This past December I offered When A Fool Speaks for your consumption. It reviewed the ridiculous and inane ramblings of Irwin Graulich about why he loves Christmas and why people who ask that we observe the proscriptions of the Constitution as being wrong. Silly us, we understood the Constitution when it discussed a Separation of Church and State and the reasons why.

Esther’s post on Jewlicious tipped me off to his latest nonsensical and illogical rant in which she discusses his explanation for why single Jewish women are not married.

According to our dear man the reason is because

In fact, attention all single women who want to marry. Do you know why you wonderful ladies are still alone most nights? Because, in general today, the idea of dating a conservative, God forbid Republican male, is the equivalent of dating a chimpanzee!

I am astounded by such a strong opening line. Insipid, vapid and meaningless come to mind. But I was dumb enough to read a little more to try and understand the man’s point.

As most men mature, they tend to depart from the secular college brainwash, based on 1960’s liberalism, and become somewhat more conservative. The macho caveman DNA starts to break down the indoctrinated feminization of the well educated male. Men are forced to go out into the real world to become corporate hunters, especially if they eventually plan to have a family.

Women are totally different, despite what elite college professors believe about the similar natures of men and women. As women get older they become more liberal, until they wed. Single men generally go towards the right, while single women head left; another one of God’s little tricks to make the mating process more complex.

It warms the cockles of my heart to see such insight but I would be curious to see proof of some sort other than one person’s opinion. It is weak and unsubstantiated.

These results can be proven in real life by studying any of the most popular dating websites of the day; the present Jewish favorite being www.Jdate.com. With the exception of a majority of Orthodox women, virtually every woman’s political viewpoint in her “dating profile” is liberal or left.

Anyone who knows anything about statistics knows that you have to provide numbers to use as a sample. Our boy here doesn’t bother to provide any of this. We don’t know if there are 3 million female subscribers to JDate and whether he reviewed all of their profiles, or if he made his weak assumption based upon the three he bothered to look at during the five minutes of research he conducted.

The disqualification of a Jewish Republican male from a date is the reason why many men stay registered Democrats, while secretly voting otherwise. Let’s be clear. Unless a guy hides the fact that he voted for George W. Bush, he will almost never get laid. Telling the girl’s parents at a Passover Seder that he voted Republican, places the potential suitor into the same category as a Nazi sympathizer (sic).

Who does this man speak with. Has he been locked in a closet. Where does he come up with this. People fall in love all the time regardless of political beliefs.

Within the Jewish community we have a million discussions about interfaith marriages because they are rampant and a regular part of life today.

The argument that Jews will not marry Republicans and that Jewish women are all liberal is flawed and fallacious in nature.

Maybe next time he can come up with a real topic and real evidence to support his allegations because this was so bad it was laughable. And that is my five minute response to this.

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