Late Night Thoughts & Ramblings

What is it about the late evening/early morning that makes life so different and so interesting. In the quiet you can see/say/do experience things that can never be done during daylight. Not sure if that is good or bad, just know that it is.

My iTunes now has more than 2,000 songs on it. One of these days I am going to geek it up and conduct a real comprehensive analysis, but for now I can provide you with this. There are 425 different artists, 337 different albums and 28 genres.

Of course I should add that I probably have loaded 5 different Springsteen albums and 6 or 7 Ray Charles albums here meaning that I suspect that if you constructed a pie chart those two men would have big slice of my pie.

Today I did push-ups with my son and daughter on my back. Why? Because I can. I really am like a little boy with some things. When I was really into working out I used to love days where I could do nothing but try and max out the weight on different exercises.

If I could pick a superpower I would place strength right up there for no other reason than it would be fun to be able to move a car. And with that kind of strength I could solve a serious problem in the parking lots of America.

There is always one person who is parking challenged. That is, they end up parking crooked, with a portion of their car ending up in the space next to theirs. This has a domino effect and eventually a row of cars is cockeyed, crooked and screwed up. It generally leads into the loss of a space or spaces, meaning that I am the poor jerk who gets stuck circling the lot for an hour looking for a space. But with my superstrength I can solve that problem.

I could be the Parking Lot Guy and end up with 15 minutes of fame. Letterman would love me, so would Leno. The possibilities are endless. I’d write more but I hear the cry of the daughter who is teething and it is time to use my super dad abilities to put her to sleep.

Lailah tov from Los Angeles.

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