I Am a Snob

The last two days I have read/witnessed or in some way been a part of things that infuriate me. They just downright piss me off and make me want to respond. Anyone who knows me is aware that my temper burns hot and bright and that I do not easily forget or forgive.

I am working on some of that. As I age I find that there are fewer things that upset me, but the things that really do are things that I focus my attention upon and in spite of the appearance of adult ADD I can be laser focused.

In my approach to middle age (I do expect to live to be 130, so I am really just a baby) I find that I like to think of myself as being somewhat cerebral, a thoughtful person. I like to think that I am open to criticism and that I am working on improving myself. But I’ll let others be the judge of that.

One thing that I am aware of is that in certain areas I am a snob. The Misanthrope blogged about newspapers and it made me realize that this is an area that hits my inner snob. I cannot conceive of not receiving a newspaper. The very thought strikes me as being wrong.

I do the majority of my reading online and although I do not have the time to truly read it in depth, I still receive it so that my children can see me reading it and understand the value of being well read. In my home there is no question that reading is a fundamental part of life.

In truth I cannot help but wonder about people who do not receive the paper. Unless they demonstrate to me that they are using some form of communication to stay educated about current events and the world I wonder about them. It is fair to say that I may think a little less of them.

That doesn’t mean that they cannot be good people. A person does not have to have a college education to be well educated and or intelligent, but there is something to be said for it.

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