Common Interests- Some Favorite Things

I have been thinking about relationships and what it is about people that attracts or repels us from each other.

One of the obvious things to consider is whether we have common interests. However, I thought that instead of riffing on about this for hundreds of words I would share thoughts in a different way.

If people do not enjoy these books/shows/movies then I usually find it more difficult to get along with them.

  • I love slapstick humor. Three Stooges, Marx Brothers- They crack me up. If you do not like them or slapstick humor we are starting behind the eight ball.
  • Fantasy, Science Fiction- Tolkien, Eddings, Donaldson, Bradbury, Heinlein- If you do not like these authors or this type of tale it might be tough to understand each other.
  • The Princess Bride- If this movie doesn’t make you smile you are in dire need of some kind of a release, probably sexual.
  • Music is easier because my tastes are exceptionally diverse, I own more than 400 CDs. If we cannot find music that we both like we really are in trouble.
  • Sports/Exercise- If you do not appreciate sports, hopefully you enjoy exercising. If not you better have a good excuse.

There, two minutes of just writing down my thoughts. It is not polished nor pretty, but it helps to provide a snapshot of things I enjoy. Take it for what it is worth.

P.S. I’d like to respond to the reader who called my blog the height of narcissistic behavior but I am too busy working on more posts about myself. 🙂

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