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How We Roll - 52 Stories - Pt 1

One of the guys I play ball with knows about my blog, rather he knows that I have one but does not know the URL. If he did get it he would know that I think that he is a big whiner who is need of an attitude adjustment. Of course I told him that on Monday with as much glee and fervor as I could muster and he took it in the spirit in which it was offered.

That is, he asked me to perform an act upon myself that is anatomically impossible, but if it were possible I might not ever leave the house. Once we finished exchanging our normal pleasantries he asked me how long I can keep this up and if I thought that in five years I would still be blogging.

I can’t say where I am going to be in five years or what I am going to be doing so I’ll have to pass on answering that for now. My gut says that there is no reason I cannot keep this up indefinitely. I enjoy it and find this to be a good outlet for venting and remarking about anything and everything.

If it gets to a point in which it is no longer fun nor interesting I will stop. In theory I could see myself just walking away for a while and not taking a second look back, but the chance of that happening is quite remote.

I cannot claim to be the funniest, most insightful or interesting blogger out there, but I can lay claim to being prolific. And as long as I still feel the urge you’ll find new posts.

And that is all I have to say on that.

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