The Teacher Salary Myth

I recently started reading Coyote Blog which I found through David at Rishon Rishon.
One of the more recent posts over at Coyote Blog is entitled The Teacher Salary Myth.

I had to read this post several times because it confused me and I wasn’t sure what was throwing me and then I realized what bothered me about it. I was thrown because of the tone which is decidedly negative towards teacher, at least the idea that they are not paid enough so I decided to respond here.

To me this is a very simple issue. Teachers should be paid exceptionally well They should command higher salaries because they do exceptionally important work. I am not going to waste time arguing about issues like how long their vacations are or are not because that is silliness to me.

Not everyone can teach and I want their to be every incentive to drive the finest minds into teaching. The argument should not be phrased to say that there is a problem with them being paid too much.

The discussion should focus upon how to continue to improve the educational system in every city, county and state. The focus should be upon what we can do to raise the level, to bring it up not focus on silly things and I do find the argument silly.

I don’t think that teachers deserve a free pass. I think that they need to be able to prove that they deserve their pay. I think that performance is important, but at the same time I believe this is a profession in which they should be paid well.

Why would you ever consider otherwise. Perhaps it is because I have the late afternoon food coma going, but I just don’t get it.

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