Rob & Amber and my Random Thoughts

I wouldn’t go into business with either one of them, but if I was in a foxhole I’d want Rob on my side.

Maybe Dubya ought to ask Rob to find Osama. He is kind of a slipper guy who thinks on his feet, who knows, he just might get it done.

I just had pizza for lunch. I love pizza, could eat it every day, but my metabolism would eventually kill me. In an hour or so I am going downstairs to lift.

Been listening to John Williams greatest hits. Good stuff in there. I am officially ready to grab my fedora, bull whip, light saber and take on the world.

Went to lunch today with someone who kept referring to my son by name. He has met him at least 15 times, seen him at multiple family affairs. After a while it was like listening to a record skip, so I smacked the side of his head and he finally got it right. Ok, I didn’t, but I wanted to.

An old friend called and wished me a Happy Mother’s Day because I am the biggest Mother he knows. Old joke for old friends.

Larry King’s head looks enormous on his body.

If I was on the Amazing Race with Rob and Amber I’d spend the entire time mouthing off to Rob because I could. Not that it matters.

If I was on Survivor I would pretend to be schizo and have an alliance with three of my personalities.

If I had a hammer I’d hammer in the morning.

If I had a cup of coffee I’d be mighty happy.

If I were a boxer I’d cry out in my anger and my shame “I am leaving, I am leaving but the fighter still remains” primarily because if you get hit in the head enough times you cannot help but be confused.

I’d like to be able to make holograms and wholegrams for people who are not on diets.

I once ran so fast I beat a car. Ask my grandfather, he was driving and I was seven. I haven’t been fast enough to do it since.

Nose piercings make me crazy. I want to grab their nostrils and squeeze them together, don’t know why, I just do.

Split tongues really irk me too, very freaky. I want to pour tabasco on them and see how they like that.

Been spending too much time with children and not enough time sleeping. Maybe it is the fatigue that makes me laugh because right now everything is funny. I get the feeling I may be wrong about that, might have to delete this post.

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