A Tell-All Book

Morris got me thinking with his post about the controversy on American Idol revolving around Paula Abdul and a former contestant. It is one of the reality television shows that I do not watch, so I hadn’t a clue about who this guy is other than the few things I read.

But Morris did make me consider something when he wrote:

As for the Clark-meister, he will go on to make millions, then will probably squander it on coke-parties and bling because that’s what scum bags do.
The sad part is that he’ll do it on the American dime, because that’s what we do; buy trashy, salacious books from pusbags like Jose Canseco, and plunk down buckage for CD’s by untalented hacks who have managed to punch the clock on their fifteen minutes of fame.”

And that is, could I write a tell-all book about experiences I have never had and make millions. If I wrote a story about how I lost as a contestant on American Idol would people be dumb enough to buy it based upon the title alone and nothing else.

“My Life On American Idol- Why Simon Hates Me”

It is kind of catchy dontcha think. 😉

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