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I received an email from Steven that I would like to share a section of.

Hi Jack, get it, HiJack. 😉 I am one of the lurkers on your blog and would like to comment on some things I have noticed. You write an awful lot and I have noticed that people rarely comment on any the political topics you present. Why do you think that is?

I ask because I want to start a blog about politics and I want people to comment. Does the lack of comments bother you?

Steven, I certainly have noticed that many of the political posts go by with nary a response but I really haven’t spent too much time thinking about it or considering it in much detail.

Sometimes political discussions can get heated and some people prefer not to go there and that is ok.

There are a lot of different reasons why people might or might not comment. I would be happy and open to more comments on the political posts but don’t allow that to encourage or discourage my posting them.

Hope that helps.

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