Compromising My Anonymity

I have been blogging for just short of a year now and during that entire time I have been careful to maintain my anonymity. It allows me to speak more freely and to be more open than I would normally be.

There are people who know me who know about this blog and that is ok. They learned about it when it was young and fresh and there really wasn’t much in the way of a personal nature to it.
I am not even sure if they still read it because they never comment about it here on in the real world.

But now I have a few family members who want to be let in. I feel a little bit like the Mighty Oz because they are trying to pull away my curtain. Unlike him I have never pretended to be a great and powerful wizard, but it doesn’t change the fact that allowing some of these people to read this could be uncomfortable at times.

I am a bit more exposed here and frankly do not want to discuss many of the personal things I write about with family. It is not that they are not accepting of me, they are and I am glad for that. But it is still a little weird and uncomfortable and there are stories that they do not know that I haven’t shared with them because I just haven’t.

So the decision is going to be forced soon. I can tell them that I am not comfortable including them in this, I can let them read it and just let the chips fly where they may or I can start a new blog and let them read that.

Things to think about.

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