Shameful Treatment of Nannys

A large percentage of the families at my son’s school have two parents who work. It comes as no surprise to anyone as it is common knowledge that supporting a family can be financially challenging and sometimes these financial concerns lead to a need for daycare for the children.

One of the more popular forms of daycare is to try and hire a nanny. If you are really lucky you just might find Mary Poppins.

Since I am lucky enough to work in a building next to my son’s school I am a frequent visitor and I see just how many families have managed to hire a nanny. In my perfect world one parent would be able to stay at home with the children and the nanny would not be necessary.

Lately I have been appalled at the behavior of some of these parents in regard to the nannys that take care of their children. Their treatment of them has been shameful. I have heard the parents denigrate their nannies, belittle them and speak so poorly of them that I am amazed that they would allow them to care for their children.

I recently caused a few waves because I couldn’t tolerate the stupidity and blather coming from two different parents and took time to suggest that they work on fixing their cranial rectum problems.

If you are going to hire someone to take care of your children you should hire a professional and by the same token treat them as a professional. I have no tolerance for listening to the whining about how they could do more and be more helpful.

If they do not do what you want then you should fire them. Get them out, get rid of them, not sit there crying about how bad their performance is or suggest that there is a reason why they are what they are. Racist talk couched in platitudes is still racist talk and you should be embarrassed that you are doing it just as I am at witnessing it.

But I grant you fair warning. When I hear this crap come out of your mouth I am going to point it out. Unless you change your attitude life is going to be unpleasant around me .They deserve courtesy and respect.

Fortunately the people who I am excoriating seem to be a minority, but I am not the only one who hears this and should not be the only one who speaks out against it.

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