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Well I don’t want to admit to how long I have been tweaking, tinkering, hammering and smacking this blog around. It has been hours and while I feel like I have made some progress I am not satisfied with it.

When I was younger I was darn close to fluent in Hebrew. I used it on a regular basis and was very comfortable reading/writing/speaking. At some point in my 20s I stopped using it with the same consistency and like any foreign language I watched my proficiency shrink.

Within the last year or two I have had occasion to use it more frequently and have tried to make an effort to force myself to do so. I can feel the progress, yet I know that I am missing a ton of things. Simple conversations require much more effort and I get the feeling that there are times when I have really sounded foolish because I used the wrong word.

The real point of this story is that as I have been stumbling through a crash course in HTML and CSS I feel like I almost understand the conversation. I feel like I am just about the point where I can really engage and then suddenly I find out that I was wrong.

It is like the guy that goes to the kiosk in Jerusalem when it is 98 outside, desperate for an ice cream he asks for some gevinah (cheese) when he meant to say gleedah (ice cream). He is able to communicate, but he doesn’t quite manage to get his point across.

And that is where I am at, almost getting the code to function the way I want but not quite. I am done for tonight. But I’ll rejoin the battle tomorrow am.

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