A Blogiversary

I just realized that I missed acknowledging my first anniversary as a blogger. I didn’t miss it by much and in the grand scheme of things it is not real important, but it means enough to me to spend a few moments writing about it.

The genesis of my blog is that it started as an impulse, a bug in the behind to just start writing because I hadn’t been doing enough of it.

If you were a fly on the wall you would have seen that there are 500 words that were part of this post that have just been trashed. I deleted them because I just couldn’t take my writing. It happens sometimes that I read my words and I find myself disgusted by them. They lack rhythm and character, they are choppy and uneven, but not enough to give them substance. And so they are nuked.

I find it frustrating when that happens, but one of the nice things about this blog is that I find that happening less and less. Writing is something that requires practice, it is skill that can be improved upon with repetition.

This blog is where I hone my craft. Some days are better than others, some posts are more polished and some are just crap. Anyway that you cut it there is something here that has managed to hold my attention and keep me focused for a year and for that I am thankful.

There have been many changes in my life during the year of blogging, some good, some bad. There have been many changes to this blog and I like to think that it has evolved into something that is far superior to the nonsense that first spewed from my keyboard.

It is an ongoing process of change and growth. I am still figuring out how to improve the format. I am still trying to learn more about coding so that when weird things happen I am able to fix them in less time than a day.

I’d like to say more but at the moment my mind is preoccupied with other tasks and I find that this is feeling tedious. And if there is one thing that I know about writing it is that when it feels tedious to me it is time to lay the pen down and take a break.

So to those of you who frequent the Shack I offer my thanks and gratitude. I appreciate your time and your comments. If you were not here I would still write, but your presence makes this place richer and forces me to remind myself not to cut corners.

There may come a day when I lay this blog to rest for good, but that day has not yet come. Thanks for being there and I’ll see you around cyberspace.


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