Saying Goodbye- I don’t like it

One of the things that I find so interesting about being a father is discovering how many of my traits/characteristics are picked up by my children.

On a daily basis I notice that my son does so many little things that I can take credit for, some good and some not so good. I am not surprised that this is happening because I can see a lot of my father in me, as well as bits and pieces of my grandfather.

There are times when the three of us sit around and I notice that we react the same way to this or that or what have you.

Some of the things that my son has picked up on do make my eyes open a little bit wider because they are not as obvious. The hand gestures, facial expressions, and the way that we structure sentences are gimmes, just too obvious.

But it is other stuff, such as realizing that he hates goodbyes as much as I do that I find striking because they do not seem obvious to me, it feels more like it must have been written into his DNA.

Goodbye can be a very difficult thing for me, so it is not all that uncommon for me not to say it. Sometimes I’ll just disappear. Old friends have stories about me going ninja at a party. One moment I am there and the next Old Jack has vanished into thin air.

And as I have learned the little guy prefers this too. Often he refuses to say goodbye and will substitute “see you later.” He can get a little cranky over goodbyes and it is not unusual to see a fight start, because it is always easier to say goodbye when you are angry.

Right now I am sorry to see that a couple of the bloggers I enjoy reading have decided to pull up their stakes and are leaving for parts unknown. I am not going to mention names because they know who they are and I am not going to say goodbye. For now I’ll stick with “see you later” whenever that may be.

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