I Hate Coupons and Grocery Store Club Cards

One of the little things in life that irritates me are the marketing efforts of retailers who provide coupons and or club cards. The reason being is that if I come without those items they charge me one price, but if I come with them they charge me another.

I know that even with the coupons they are still making money, if they were not they wouldn’t make such offers. So what this really says to me is that they will try and gouge me for more as often as possible.

I’d feel better if there was one set price.

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  1. I hate, especially, the cards they make you pay a member fee for. Nasty. Charge me $0.15 more and skip the $20 annual fee so I can save $6 a year PLEASE!

  2. I find the supermarket cards annoying, but they basically force you to give all your info or else you don’t get those apples for 99 cents a pound.

  3. Throw rebates in there and I’m with you!

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