How Well Do You Really Know Me

Ok, I am going to pick on Neil again because this post caught my eye. It made me wonder outloud as it were, How Well Do You Really Know Me?

I am very honest about my thoughts and feelings. I have shared things here that I have never discussed with anyone, provided an intimate look into my head and heart. So it makes me wonder what kind of impression I am making upon people.

If you met me in person would I be who you think I am. There have been pictures of me on the blog and a number of audioblog entries, so you have a visual and audio picture that you can use.

But I wonder if my sense of humor comes across. Do you think that I am funny or a whiner. Do you have an accurate read on my politics, my interests and ideas. Assuming that you are one of the 17 regular readers of this blog, would meeting me in person leave you wondering how your impression could be so right or so wrong. Would you still want to read my blog or would that ruin the image.

Many years ago I used to have a real fantasy about a woman who worked in the same office building as me. I would see her daily and be amazed at how sexy and beautiful I thought that she was. The attraction was very strong and I used to wonder about her.

And then one day I saw her eating lunch with someone I really disliked and that took some of the polish off the fantasy, it chipped the veneer because I couldn’t help but wonder why she would find a jerk like that to be so funny.

Not that any of this matters anyway, but what do you think? Would pulling the curtain back reveal the Mighty Oz or just a simple man who was relatively uninteresting.

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