My Penis is Sad

One day my son might kill me for retelling some of these stories but they are just too funny not to share. The beauty of a 4.5 old cannot truly be expressed in words. The honesty and innocence are so gratifying and so much fun.

My son and I have had numerous conversations regarding all aspects of life. We have discussed why people have to “poop and pee” and covered topics such as death including my own and have even had a few of the very popular “don’t play with your penis in public’ conversations too.

Now just to be clear his behavior is no different from any other small child that is learning about their body and their place in the world. If there is any distinction it is that he has a father who will blog about it from time to time.

Earlier this week we had a conversation about what it means to have a “sad penis.” I admit to having a burning urge to use terms like “Mr. Happy” with him but it really isn’t appropriate.

So here is a condensed version of a recent discussion.

Daddy, it is hard to pee when my penis is happy.”
What are you doing to make it happy?


Daddy, I have good news.”
What is it?

My penis is sad now so I can go potty.”

You cannot help but smile at this. I love that little boy.

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